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16th April 201 Former EPA official affirms there are multiple problems with GMOs
3rd April 2014 Higher levels of glyphosate found in chronically ill people
29th March 2014 Are GMOs Worth the Trouble?
29th March 2014 New Science Sounds the Alarm About Destructive Beetles on GMO Corn
29th March 2014 FAO resists US pressure to allow more GMO contamination in food trade
29th March 2014 How "Extreme Levels" of Roundup in Food Became the Industry Norm
21st March 2014 Rootworms develop resistance to multiple Bt crops
16th March 2014 The EASAC Report -- a critique from Testbiotech
16th March 2014 GMO "Safety Assurance" Studies - first there were 60, and then there were 3......
7th March 2014 The criminality of the GM biotech industry
20th Feb
20th Feb
Some Classic Gloverisms
13th Feb
Golden Rice - a complex tangle of unanswered questions
10th Feb
Inconclusive Findings: Now You See Them, Now You Don't!
6th Feb
The Technofix obsession in American GMO agriculture
9th Jan 2014 The proteins used in BT plants are DIFFERENT
9th Jan 2014 Is glyphosate safe? No - a cupful will kill you
2nd Jan 2014 GMO Labelling: US success story update for 2013
1st Jan 2014 The GMO Tipping Point
13th Dec 2013 Special report Deformities, sickness and livestock deaths: the real cost of GM animal feed?
11th Dec 2013 GMO Retractions, Denials, and Downright Lies
4th Dec 2013 Seralini found guilty of heresy by the Court of GMO Inquisitors (2013)
24th Nov 2013 Roundup/GMO farming and the Monarch Butterfly Decline
20th Nov 2013 Another case of GM scientific fraud?
20th Nov 2013 Whatever happened to Scientific American?
13th Nov 2013 Seed monopolies, GMOs and farmers suicides in India
2nd Sept 2013 As biotech seed falters, insecticide use surges in US Corn Belt
2nd Sept 2013 How Corporations Engineered the Non-Regulation of Dangerous GM Foods
12th July 2013 US Staple Crop System Failing from GM and Monoculture
Resilience, yields, pesticide use, and genetic diversity, all worse than Non-GM Europe
12th July 2013 As biotech seed falters, insecticide use surges in corn belt
12th July 2013 Lies, Propaganda And Puppets: The GM Sector And The Battle For The Future Of Humanity
30 June 2013 Paterson's GMO delusion
19 June 2013 Proof of horizontal gene transfer
RNA molecules in GM food crops can enter the serum and organs of mammals
21 May 2013 The Demise of Scientific Publishing Ethics
  How to keep something dangerous on the market
  Benbrook calls for a new GMO risk assessment regime
  UK taxpayers unwittingly subsidise Science Media Centre with £370k per year to manipulate the science agenda
  How the American GM soy industry views the world
  Mounting scientific evidence on adverse impacts of GM; a compilation of 300 key articles
  Is GM Soy actually cheap? The debate hots up
  Study ties GMO corn, soybeans to butterfly losses
  Conflicts of interest at EFSA erode public confidence
  Golden Rice Project shoots itself in the foot -- yet again
  That famous 30% yield increase in GM wheat.........
  GMOs: Seven Obvious Questions in Search of Straightforward Answers
  The GM lobby and its 'Seven sins against science'
  Roundup Herbicide Linked To Overgrowth of Deadly Bacteria
  MEPs to call in Seralini and EFSA for hearing
  Analysis of Draft Regulation reveals EFSA trickery
  Pusztai hitman oversaw EFSA's demolition of Seralini
  EFSA slammed for "institutionalised pseudo-science" after rat study review
  A critique of the new paper by Seralini et al -- statistics and significance
  Seralini team defends itself against snarling GM rottweilers
  The Monsanto Business Model and the Perfect Storm
  Secrecy and Spoiler studies -- the Monsanto method.
  Bt Toxicity Confirmed: Flawed Studies Exposed
  What Rothamsted had not told you about the GM Wheat trial
  Rothamsted Retrospect: Media poisoned by GM vitriol
  The dangers of GM - Europe must learn the lessons from America
  One million signatures aginst GM -- the Commission response (Greenpeace Briefing)
  EFSA dodgy dealings under scrutiny
  The GM cornflakes question
  Scientists slam GM industry's "shoot the messenger" tactics
  EFSA slammed for strong GM-industry bias
  Cooking the Books: the dark arts of ISAAA and PG Economics
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